Foster Sanders, Author

Foster Sanders was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He received a B.A. Degree in History and a Juris Doctor Degree, both from Louisiana State University. In addition to an extensive career in law, public and civic service, Sanders has enjoyed many interests- particularly those involving his lifelong passion for the great out-of-doors.

In college he served as Director for Youth Sunday School at Fishing Bridge as part of the Yellowstone National Park Church Services. He returns to Wyoming often as a result of his affection for the Yellowstone and Teton area.

He served two terms as president of the Baton Rouge Sportsmen's League. In this second term, the League was a recipient of a national award for its conservation efforts.

Sanders later founded Save The Atchafalaya Basin, Inc. and was the President and voice of this organization that led the fight that ultimately resulted in perhaps the most outstanding conservation achievement in the history of Louisiana. Sanders elevated and debated the issue statewide and served as the chief fundraiser of the highly publicized effort to preserve the Basin. A compromise was eventually reached between Basin landowners, the oil and gas industry and Louisiana sportsmen and environmentalists. The result was that non-development of the Atchafalaya Basin was assured for the use and enjoyment of this great treasure for all posterity. Sanders personal leadership in this cause was recognized by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation, The National Wildlife Federation and Sears Roebuck and Co. for his "Outstanding Contribution To The Wise Use And Management of Louisiana's Natural Resources". He has received a number of other similar awards over the years for his ongoing support of wildlife and natural resources.


Almost to Destin
In the more recent past, Sanders has put together outstanding wildlife habitats in Mississippi and Florida. He has resided in Destin, Florida, for the last fifteen years.

His beloved "Sassy Squaw Ranch" is one of northwest Florida's more unique Florida Stewardship Programs with its upland hardwood forest and unique hardwood bottom and swamp area. The centerpiece of his ongoing wildlife management project is a 28 acre natural pond surrounded by cypress swamp and hardwood forests. This property supports a high diversity of wildlife species and Sanders has improved the habitat for as many different types of wildlife as possible. His efforts have been supported and aided by the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge and "Sassy Squaw Ranch" is visited for bird watching and plant identification.

Sanders is co-founder of the Emerald Coast Philosophical Society and is a frequent speaker before this group as well as a number of others in northwest Florida- on a number of topics.

Almost To Destin is Sanders first novel and part of its setting is in "Ebenezer Forest" - a fictional component of another of Sanders' current interests - the Choctawhatchee River Basin. Sanders has observed, and is continually pointing out, how similar the Choctawhatchee River Basin is to Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin- albeit a smaller scale. He calls it a "true treasure of Florida".

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