Sassy Squaw Ranch


The History of Sassy Squaw Ranch

In the early 1800's, the Apalachicola band of the Creek Indians was created where Blountstown, Florida is now located. The Treaty of Camp Moultrie required that the Indians be re-located out west. A very vocal and charismatic female leader did not want her family to be sent afar. Her name was Polly Parot. She was a very determined woman.

Polly Parot sent runners out to find a suitable isolated spot in which her clan would stay. The runners returned, reported, and Polly Parot made the decision. She selected a spot now located on the Jackson county-Calhoun county line as the place to settle. She felt that the spot was so remote that the clan could live there undisturbed- and avoid being sent out west.

The centerpiece of the location Polly Parot selected was what is now called Boggs Pond. The word boggs is a derivative of the the Indian word bagas – meaning swamp. You can go in any direction and be closer to civilization than you are at Boggs Pond. It is unique and beautiful, with high hills. The Polly Parot clan let their cattle run loose in the woods.They took the black fertile soil from Boggs Pond and spread it on top of the nearby sandy hills. Descendants of these proud people still live this area.


Over the years, the land around boggs pond was divided up into small tracts. Appreciating the history and unequaled splendor of Boggs Pond, and its surrounding wetlands, Foster Sanders set out to acquire and preserve this geographical treasure. To honor Polly Parot and her dream, Sanders named his land “Sassy Squaw Ranch”. Today it encompasses the entirety of Boggs Pond.

Sassy Squaw Ranch is now maintained pursuant to the guidelines of its own forest stewardship plan under the advice and counsel of the state of Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.